2022 HBK Technology Virtual Seminar Series – Registration Now Open

2022 HBK Technology Virtual Seminar Series – Registration Now Open

Registration now open for this free virtual 3-day seminar series hosted by HBK.

Join us November 8, 15 and 22, 2022 for leading academic and industry technology presentations on:

  • Testing, characterisation and modelling for electric vehicle batteries and powertrains
  • Reliability engineering for electrical systems and fault tree analysis

This 6-part series of 90-minute virtual seminars focuses on various industry requirements and applications of measurement and modelling for their performance and reliability. Industries include automotive and aerospace, with applications on batteries and landing gear.

Presentations and organizations include: 

Electric Vehicle Batteries and Powertrain

  • Batteries Power the World - Battery Analytics Unleashes their Full Potential, TWAICE
  • Lithium-ion Battery Cell Testing & Validation, Jaguar Land Rover
  • Measuring Capacity Fading using Force Transducers, HBK - Force Transducers
  • Motor Degradation and Failure modes using Electrical Characteristics, HBK - Electrification
  • Acoustic Quality Assurance in Industrial Production End-of-Line, Discom

Reliability and Fault Trees

  • Building a Reliability Validation Plan for Electrified Powertrains, Jaguar Land Rover
  • Statistical and Reliability Methods for Electric Vehicle System Reliability, HBK – nCode
  • How Fault Tree Analysis can help you Understand and Improve your System, HBK – ReliaSoft
  • Using Automation to Scale Advanced    Reliability Analysis and Digital Twins, HBK - Engineering Solutions

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