Servo amplifiers

A Servo Amplifier as All-in-one Solution

A Servo Amplifier as All-in-one Solution

A Servo Amplifier as All-in-one Solution

A Servo Amplifier as All-in-one Solution

A high-dynamic servo amplifier with the power of an industrial PC: SD3 by Sieb & Meyer stands out amongst other things for its integrated motion and application control. The solution permits customized developments to optimize the device regarding installation space, functions, performance and costs. Manufacturers of servo hoist systems, for example, benefit from the high integration level of the servo amplifier: thanks to the available interfaces on the device, the systems can do without external evaluation electronics like force sensors.

The servo amplifier SD3 is a comprehensive solution for complex autarkic drive tasks that provides many opportunities for customization and therefore makes a flexible and cost-efficient development possible. Beside the device hardware, this solution is made up of a software development kit (SDK), which provides tools and function libraries for quick and efficient programming of the application software by the system manufacturer. Thanks to the open system architecture, the manufacturers can realize almost all control, drive and visualization tasks with SD3.

An individual solution ready for the future

In addition, SD3 users benefit from various software functions for user interfaces, statistics, camera integration, communication and data storage. A USB-controlled operator panel enables the user to create an easy to understand user interface. Last but not least, SD3 provides a future-proof platform with its integrated OPC UA server that supports applications of Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) even today.

"Servo amplifiers are often used for manufacturing processes where the know-how is focused on the motion profile and the evaluation of process values," explained Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at Sieb & Meyer AG. "With SD3 we offer our customers an individual solution including protected application area." The delivered functional blocks enable the customer to concentrate on his core competence while the process-relevant application programming allows differentiation from competitors. The task sharing in the development process supports faster time-to-market.

Application in servo hoist systems

SD3 is the ideal drive for e.g. servo-driven tightening, pressing or lifting applications. A US supplier uses the solution, for example, in his servo hoist systems that help workers in production environments to lift heavy loads. The servo amplifier SD3 by Sieb & Meyer helps to ensure that the lifting units meet the high requirements regarding precision, speed and last but not least safety. Its open system architecture allows manufacturers to develop the servo amplifier further into a customized all-in-one solution: The open source character gives extraordinary freedom with regard to tailored functions. With the Linux based environment, the solution offers potential that cannot be realized on many other platforms. From the hardware perspective, option modules provide capabilities for further adaptions and upgrades.

Sieb & Meyer offers, for example, an option module for the evaluation of two torque transducers. The two transducer interfaces allow a direct evaluation of active and passive torque transducers and make expensive external evaluation electronics unnecessary. Direct integration in servo amplifier and application program also improves the quality in evaluation since the evaluation is carried out according to the internal clock without additional latency periods. This reduces the hardware costs and limits the application programming to one system. Thanks to the additional Hiperface DSL motor feedback interface, the motor connection can be established via single-cable technology, which also reduces costs and makes the handling of the often hand-held systems easier.

Further development for applications in hoist systems

And as if that were not enough – for the application of SD3 in servo hoist systems Sieb & Meyer has developed an additional special function: The servo amplifier now allows switching between the torque mode and the speed mode on the fly. This is a challenge for control systems and especially required in hoisting systems for material handling. It concerns a special scenario in the manufacturing process, where a cart moves horizontally on a rail system carrying a suspended load with variable weight, for example a gear box to be mounted on an engine block. The system automatically detects the point in time, when both components meet, i.e. the load hits a resistance.

At this point, the cart must stop gently but also exert some pressure so that the worker can bolt the gear box to the engine block. When this is done, the system releases the load and the resistance is abruptly gone. Even though the cart has a much smaller weight now, it has to accelerate back to the reference speed as gently as possible. The requirement is that the whole procedure is executed automatically. With the new function the transitions can be realized smoothly by the control technology.

This development opens up new opportunities in an application that already proves the multifunctionality of SD3: As an all-in-one solution the device combines the functions of a PLC, a servo amplifier and a digital and analog I/O interface. Only this allows continuous control and monitoring of the lifting loads as well as the up and down movement of the hoist systems.

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