Accelerate reach into the box

Accelerate reach into the box

Schmalz speeds up reaching into the box. Behind this is a solution kit that connects various software and hardware components with each other so that robot cells can see and grip faster and communicate with higher-level systems. What this can look like is demonstrated by the Pick Accelerator, which achieves top performance thanks to the ivOS Pick-and-Pack solution kit.

Schmalz takes bin picking to a new level. In order to perfect the interaction between gripper, robot, camera and pick software, the handling experts have developed the Schmalz Solution Kit, whose highlight is the open operating system ivOS. With the kit, suppliers of robot cells - be they machine builders or integrators - receive a plug-and-work-capable technology solution that can be quickly integrated into any bin-picking application. At the same time, the system is so flexible and open that automators can still adapt it to customer-specific requirements at any time. The complete engineering package supplied supports them in this - it includes all CAD data, circuit diagrams, technical layouts and much more.

In addition, gripping technology, 3D vision sensors and a specific software configuration can be part of the solution kit on request. Likewise, Schmalz enables communication to warehouse management systems and to various protocols through the integration of various interfaces, for example to exchange data in real time. The idea behind the Solution Kit is not limited to one application scenario. In addition to the bin-picking application, Schmalz is working on other pick variants.

2,700 picks per hour

Schmalz shows how the bundle can work with its Pick Accelerator. Schmalz developed a pilot application as the first use case. The technology group Körber integrated this robot cell into the existing logistics at the headquarters of Schmalz itself. In it, two robots manage 2,700 picks per hour - that's picking at record speed. The robots work simultaneously and can change grippers within a second, depending on whether boxes, vials or bags are to be handled.

Two 3D cameras look into the box after each pick, the pick software analyses this input, calculates and controls the next grip. For the best pick, the system has various gripping algorithms available in parallel. The energy supply system is integrated into the gripper, which reaches into every corner of the crate with its five axes. As important as the individual components are, the dynamic interaction and flexibility is only made possible by the Schmalz Solution Kit ivOS Pick-and-Pack - through the unique interaction of innovative gripping technology, modern 3D sensor technology and the latest algorithms for determining the gripping point.

For the first application, Schmalz relies on the expertise of the supply chain experts at Körber. Together with Schmalz, they implemented the conveyor connection of the robotic picking cell to the existing logistics system and the integration of the cell into the material flow control software for the pilot application. This makes Körber the first integrator to successfully install the ivOS Pick-and-Pack Solution Kit. Körber will continue to work closely with Schmalz as a sales and integration partner for bin-picking applications.