Accelerated AMR fleet management, improved navigation

Accelerated AMR fleet management, improved navigation

Accelerated AMR fleet management, improved navigation

Accelerated AMR fleet management, improved navigation

Omron announces the release of Fleet Operations Workspace (FLOW) Core 3.0 software. This powerful platform enhances the operational capabilities of Omron's LD and HD Series autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and facilitates AMR deployment and fleet management.

FLOW Core is a software suite for coordinating intelligent job assignments and load plans. It is based on state-of-the-art navigation and traffic control and can be seamlessly connected to IT and OT systems such as MES, ERP and WMS.

The main release updates at a glance:

MobilePlanner: flexibility updates put an end to map complexity and simplify troubleshooting by customizing map objects plus hierarchical grouping. This speeds up commissioning and reduces configuration time, even for complex tasks such as assigning unique AMR subgroups for differentiated behavior in specific map areas.

Integration Toolkit (ITK) 2.0: New and customizable tracking functions make it possible to control and securely monitor AMR fleets according to pre-defined specifications. License information is now included in the ITK database, allowing users to better control their fleets and create alerts when needed.

FLOW iQ 3.0: Fleet uptime and performance can be maximized with accurate insights into battery efficiency and maintenance requirements. Another benefit is the graphical display of key data in the context of asset maps, including Wi-Fi and localization. Users are provided with tools required for 24/7 production, speeding up on-site troubleshooting while optimizing overall equipment effectiveness.

Selectable Autonomy 2.0: Allows users to customize traffic flow based on powerful path modes. These range from autonomous automated guided vehicles (AGVs) - but without the costly infrastructure - to limited detour windows and the pure flexibility of a traditional AMR. The choice of path modes enables easy navigation even in tight spaces and maximizes cycle time while maintaining ease of operation.

CAPS 3.0: AMRs can be docked to machine cells and carts using the unique Precision Drive, which utilizes approach paths from any angle. Thanks to the user-defined target specification, companies save on infrastructure costs and benefit from greater flexibility in terms of production layout and payload.