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Access data without project planning effort

Access data without project planning effort

With version 8.1, iba AG improves the connection of the scalable data acquisition software ibaPDA to Omron controllers: The newly implemented Omron-Xplorer is suitable to acquire process data from Omron controllers in an uncomplicated way by using the FINS protocol.

Thereby, the corresponding data are automatically read cyclically by ibaPDA and do not have to be actively sent by the PLC. The connections to the controllers can be established via the standard Ethernet interfaces of the computer, therefore no additional hardware and software is required for the measurement data recording.

An additional advantage is that only the FINS interface has to be parameterized to establish a connection between ibaPDA and an Omron controller with defined IP address and no further programming or configuration work is required. The relevant data can thus be collected in a simple and uncomplicated way, which means a high time saving for users.