Laser vibrometers

Acoustic testing of roller bearings

Acoustic testing of roller bearings

Why does noise testing and condition monitoring with laser precision provide a reliable and efficient bearing quality control solution? Dimensional tolerances of bearings are on the order of a few micrometers and special attention is paid to achieving low running noise. When aiming for a zero defect policy, despite making thousands of products every day, bearing manufacturers benefit from reliable 100% noise testing as end-of-line test.

The non-contact measurement technology of laser Doppler vibrometry offers a number of advantages for bearing producers: Contactless and repeatable measurements, flexibility and ease of use, relying on accurate and constant measurement signals, decreased operating expenses through quick resetting and simplified calibration, reduced cost for sensor repair. The use of industrial laser vibrometer also allows the simplification of layout and equipment design. In addition it is possible that other machines such as life test rigs or run-in stations can be easily complemented with noise testing sensors and electronics.

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