Drive systems

Advanced system integration

Advanced system integration

Omron's international automation experts announce the launch of the Omron M1 Integrated Global AC controller. This state-of-the-art solution enables advanced system integration for a more flexible, efficient and space-saving machine design.

The Omron M1 Integrated Global AC controller offers numerous features that set a new standard in motor control and drive technology. With this solution, significantly more motors can now be used for the drive system. Standard induction motors (IM), permanent magnet motors (PM), direct-drive PM motors (up to 128 poles) and special systems such as drum motors are supported. The motor parameters can be easily set and adjusted using the auto-tuning function in Omron's Sysmac Studio. In addition, there is exceptional torque functionality with 200 percent torque even at 0 Hertz.

The most important functions of the M1 Integrated Global AC controller at a glance:

  •     Integrated support for Modbus and EtherCAT communication protocols for seamless connectivity and interoperability with numerous industrial automation systems.
  •     Flexible configuration options for EtherCAT. The solution supports ring topologies, enabling seamless integration and efficient data transmission.
  •     Another advantage is the Sysmac Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE), an intuitive and user-friendly software tool for easy configuration, control and management of the system.
  •     Versatile motor control functions, including speed and torque control, precise position control and master follower function.
  •     AC induction and permanent magnet synchronous motors in both Open Loop Vector (OLV) and Closed Loop Vector (CLV) modes. Efficient operation in a wide range of motor applications.
  •     Built-in encoder and pulse counter input with high-speed position sensing via digital input for precise motion control.
  •     Safe Stop 0 function with Safe Torque Off (STO) option that complies with Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3) Performance Level e (PLe). It offers both wired and Fail-Safe over EtherCAT (FSoE) safety options.
  •     Special energy-saving functions for optimized energy use and lower operating costs.
  •     Coated Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) that are highly resistant to dust and moisture. This extra durability guarantees reliable performance even in demanding industrial environments.

Omron stands behind the quality and reliability of the M1 solution with a ten-year warranty for maintenance-free operation, even in demanding industrial environments. The M1 solution has certifications such as CE, UKCA, cULus, KC, RCM and RoHS, ensuring compliance with international safety and environmental regulations.