Multi-axis systems

All-in-one Multi-Axis Controller

 All-in-one Multi-Axis Controller

 All-in-one Multi-Axis Controller

The cost-effective solution for machines with up to three axes. The All-in-one Multi-Axis Controller KeDrive D3-AC allows a very compact design and reduces the wiring effort enormously.

Modular machine concepts require flexible, compact drive systems. The new KeDrive D3-AC from KEBA is a servo controller that integrates AC mains connection, mains filter and brake resistor as well as three axis controllers in one device. The three-axis servo controller was developed with a focus on three-axis handling kinematics. Cartesian robots in particular require increased drive power in the Z-axis. For this reason, the three-axis servo controller is available in variants with 4 A/4 A/6 A or 8 A/8 A/12 A rated currents.

If a central control cabinet is used in one solution, the drive technology is integrated directly into each module in the other solution. Energy-efficient multi-axis drives with a common DC supply are the first choice for the centralised solution. For the modular solution, where only a few drives are generally used, it is important to use compact "all-in drives". The new KeDrive D3-AC is such an all-in servo drive that integrates the AC mains connection, a mains filter and the braking resistor. A special feature is that up to 3 axis controllers have been integrated into one device. This enables a very compact design and an extreme reduction in wiring. The portfolio also includes single or double-axis servo controllers.

KeDrive D3-AC is part of the KeDrive D3 drive family. The KeDrive D3 multi-axis drive system is an economical solution for machines with a larger number of axes. KeDrive D3-AC is now an even more cost-effective solution for smaller numbers of axes.

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