Locking bolts

Always easy to grasp

Always easy to grasp

The new locking bolts with plastic eyelet handle (K2047) from Kipp combine perfect handling with the best performance and an attractive price-performance ratio. Wherever safety and ergonomics are important when operating the bolt, the mechanical fastening elements offer a perfect solution. The locking bolts are available with different handle and thread sizes, with and without a locking groove in steel or stainless steel.

What has long been proven to work with coffee mugs is also a good idea for a locking bolt: a handle or an eyelet handle. The user can handle it comfortably and safely, even if they are wearing gloves at work or the locking bolt is in the base area or in an inaccessible place. "When designing and constructing the handles, the focus was on their optimized feel," explains Samuel Rasch, product manager at the Heinrich Kipp factory. "The new locking bolts are available with eyelet handles in various sizes so that they can be easily operated with one or two fingers."

The mechanical fastening elements help to hold and lock parts or components in a certain position in a wide variety of applications. For example, they fix tools, devices or components in mechanical engineering, secure attachments on agricultural machinery, support the assembly of medical devices and devices and guarantee the secure locking of rail-guided pool covers.

Product variants for indoor and outdoor use

For optimal performance indoors and outdoors, the locking bolt is available with a sleeve, bolt and spring made of steel or stainless steel. The handle is made of a stable, glass bead-reinforced thermoplastic in black-gray (RAL 7021) or traffic red (RAL 3020). There are four different product versions to choose from with and without a locking groove or lock nut in sizes M8 to M16 with standard or fine thread.

Another special feature is the slim design of the new locking bolts, which visually integrates perfectly into the application. Kipp works with an internal locking groove and a hexagon that has the same diameter as the thread. When the bolt is locked, the hexagon is completely enclosed by the handle and is therefore not only invisible, but also well protected.