Application-specific optimal lubrication

Application-specific optimal lubrication

In cooperation with leading lubricant manufacturers and suppliers, Hecht Kugellager offers its customers a wide range of differently greased rolling bearing technology.

The right lubricant not only reduces friction and wear of rolling elements and raceways. The lubricant also protects the bearing interior from corrosion and exerts an additional sealing effect. It also reduces the noise level and allows the bearing to run faster. In rolling bearings for standard applications, greases of NLGI consistency classes 1, 2 and 3 are predominantly used. Compared to lubricating oils, grease lubrication involves less design effort and ensures long operating lives with low frictional torque.

For applications that require particularly low-wear and long-life bearing technology, Hecht recommends strongly adhesive lubricants, which, however, impair smooth running and suppress running noise less well, especially at high speeds. In the high-temperature range or in vacuum operation, dry lubrication may be necessary. Compound lubricants made of molybdenum disulphide, graphite or PTFE and added binder used for this purpose harden at operating temperature and form a co-rotating sliding layer whose long-term stability, however, is only maintained at low peripheral speeds and low pressures.

When ambient temperatures are constantly in the minus range - as in cold stores or arctic regions - lubricating greases with a particularly low base oil viscosity based on polyalphaolefin or diester oil are in demand. At the customer's request, Hecht commissions special greases with special lubricants in exact dosages matched to the application.