DC motors

Better thermal management, more corrosion resistance

Better thermal management, more corrosion resistance

The GR series of brushed DC motors from Dunkermotoren has proven itself on the market over decades to be extremely robust and reliable. Thus, the series enjoys high popularity and is a benchmark for other suppliers. With the latest revision, Dunkermotoren improves thermal management and corrosion resistance, which further extends its leading position.

To improve heat dissipation, the previously galvanized, silver GR motors are changed to a black-coated housing (KTL). This allows up to 10% more torque to be delivered on a sustained basis, resulting in increased output power. Due to the improved thermal management, an increase in power is achieved without changing the course of the motors´ characteristic curve. The change can be introduced into existing applications without any adaptation.

With the previous galvanized zinc coating of the GR 80, corrosion and hygiene requirements of the railroad and food industries could not be fulfilled. For some time now, housings with KTL coating (cathodic dip coating with black color) have been used as a special solution for such applications. This has passed the salt spray test according to DIN EN ISO 9227 over 192 hours with excellent results.

To make this technique available now to all customers, this coating type is transferred to the standard products. Through this measure, the GR product line continues to be optimally equipped for the future.