Servo pump drives

Brush-lifting device included

Brush-lifting device included

Menzel Elektromotoren is a one-stop shop for high-output electric motors, on request also offering various complementary services. A recently completed pump motor with all accessories as well as installation and commissioning is a finalist for 'Project of the Year' in the 2023 AEMT Awards of the Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades.

This project also stands out as the motor has been equipped with a short-circuiting and brush-lifting device. The three-phase slip-ring induction motor drives the peak load pump for Baden-Württemberg state water supply, a German special-purpose association. Due to the brush-lifting device, the motor carbon brushes are only used during motor startup and then lifted off the slip rings.

This minimizes wear and tear and allows significantly longer maintenance intervals because the brushes no longer need to be replaced regularly and the slip ring compartment rarely needs to be cleaned of carbon dust. In addition to a slip-ring motor with brush lifting, the scope of supply also included a motor base frame, coupling, liquid starter and cabling to the nearest switchgear. The size 800 motor with a nominal output of 6200 kW at 5000 V nominal voltage drives the peak load pump in the summer months and is becoming increasingly important due to climate change and higher daily water requirements.

Menzel fully tested the motor in the presence of the customer and then installed it and put it into operation at the waterworks. By replacing the original motor from 1969, the customer has ensured the reliable continued operation of the plant for the future.

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