By your side

By your side

With the MDR series, Jakob Antriebstechnik has a universally applicable power clamping nut with a lateral operating hexagon and through-hole thread in its range. The MDR series supplements the two clamping nut types MCA and MDA with operation from above, which have proven themselves over many years in a wide variety of applications. Size 150 with a nominal clamping force of 150 kN is a completely new addition to the selection.

A key design feature of the MDR clamping nut is a special crown gear with right-angled deflection of the rotation to multiply the tightening torque. The clamping force is built up safely and in a controlled manner in proportion to the tightening torque. This ensures high clamping forces with maximum operational safety with the simplest manual operation. With the thread size M30, for example, the heavy SW46 key that is usually required is replaced by the SW14 operating hexagon, making work much more convenient.

In connection with variable-length T-slot screws or clamping bolts, the through-thread enables a very flexible application with different clamping heights or tool thicknesses. In addition to the robust material design, the compact dimensions and especially the very low overall height are to be emphasized. This also enables use in extremely cramped installation conditions. The MDR clamping nut is maintenance-free under normal operating conditions and can be used in a special version up to 400°C.

Two sizes are available with a nominal clamping force of 120 kN or 150 kN and thread sizes from M16 to M42.