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Certification for dust-proof Ex motors

Certification for dust-proof Ex motors

Certification for dust-proof Ex motors

Electric motors from electric motor specialist BEN Buchele have been certified as dust-proof for use in potentially explosive areas according to IBExU22ATEX1087 They are therefore very suitable for applications in the food industry, animal feed, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries or in the recycling sector.

When there is dust, it becomes potentially dangerous: wherever gases or dust occurs during the processing of materials, an explosive atmosphere arises - for example in the food industry at flour or sugar mills. The finer the material - e.g. B. coarse sugar is ground into powdered sugar - the easier it is for it to deflagrate if this dust catches fire explosively due to sparks or high surface temperatures in the area. This makes it all the more important to avoid sparks and heat formation in the immediate vicinity. Electric motor specialist BEN Buchele recently received certification for dust-proof electric motors for use in potentially explosive areas.

In principle, the motor in systems for shredding ground material is outside the actual working area; d. H. During the grinding process, the material does not come into contact with the motor. But if the grinding area is then z. B. is opened for maintenance or cleaning, there may be residual dust that could ignite if the engine surface is too hot.

Offshore experience adapted

With years of experience from the offshore industry, in which engines e.g. B. for winch drives, in addition to being explosion-proof, they must above all be waterproof, BEN Buchele was able to adapt the design for a dust-protected motor. With minor adjustments, the tKD..71..-./. up to tKD..315..-./. in a surface-cooled gray cast iron version in the power range from 0.37 kW to 120 kW. The motors meet the requirements of explosion protection of group II, category 2D in the type of protection dust explosion protection through housing “tb”: II 2D Ex tb IIIC T* °C Db. What is important is active temperature monitoring of the motor, for example through an integrated thermal sensor, which would switch off the motor if the winding overheated, or alternatively an overcurrent switch-off device, which also deactivates the motor in the event of an overload.

Used in many industries and as a retrofit

In addition to applications in the food industry, dust-proof Ex motors can be used e.g. B. can also be used in the chemical industry, in the pharmaceutical industry, or in recycling processing.

In addition, BEN Buchele sees the certified motors not only in new systems, but also as replacement motors in existing systems if safety requirements and regulations become more stringent in some industries and companies have to provide explosion-proof engines in the future. The individual design of each engine as well as adjustments to the intended use and environmental conditions reflect the company's manufacturing philosophy.