Certification with dual benefits

Certification with dual benefits

ConSense GmbH, developer of software solutions for quality and integrated management systems, has had its internal information security management system (ISMS) certified in accordance with the CISIS 12 standard.

Companies with a ConSense QMS or IMS benefit twice over: the certificate confirms the protection of the information stored at ConSense, e.g. when using the hosting solutions. The software developer has also created a new module as part of its own certification process. It will make it easy for users of the ConSense basic software to set up an ISMS from next year.
Effective protection against cyber attacks confirmed

Reliable protective measures against unauthorized access to data and information are essential for every company today. ConSense GmbH takes this task seriously: a certified information security management system in accordance with CISIS 12 provides support. In preparation for the audit, the software developer reviewed all areas of the company. Guidelines were drawn up and employees received comprehensive training. In October 2023, ConSense GmbH successfully completed its CISIS 12 certification - and thus had its reliable handling of information confirmed once again by a third party.

New ISMS module available from 2024

The CISIS 12 set of rules chosen by ConSense is tailored to small and medium-sized companies. Around 900 precisely defined measures are implemented and documented for this purpose. To simplify internal implementation, the Aachen-based company developed a software solution that allows all CISIS 12 requirements to be tracked transparently. What was initially only intended for internal use will also be available to other companies from next year: A new ISMS module simplifies the management of CISIS 12 requirements. It can be optimally embedded in the existing QMS, provided this has been set up with ConSense software solutions. Companies can also use suitable e-learning units on information security provided by ConSense to train their employees.