Compatible, reliable and, best of all, readily available

Compatible, reliable and, best of all, readily available

Yaskawa is responding to the recent changes in the automation industry by offering a compatible alternative that is available directly from the warehouse: The 300S+ high-speed control system ensures that the existing control environment is fully equipped for the future.

Yaskawa's 300S+ high-speed control system is an extremely attractive option, particularly when it comes to replacing existing solutions. This is because the IOs and accessories are fully compatible with the previous market-dominant system. All hardware components can therefore be exchanged like-for-like and used in parallel in mixed operation. Since the CPUs require very few changes, the existing software can also remain largely unchanged. Yaskawa's special Support team is also on hand to help whenever adjustments do need to be made to the CPUs.

The 300S+ control system offers users, mechanical engineers and maintenance personnel another form of long-term investment security: Yaskawa covers not only the new components, but the entire control system with a 36-month warranty. As a further advantage, all components are available from stock and will continue to be available until at least 2030. By basing the integrated microchips on Yaskawa's own technology, the company is able to offer a consistently high level of supply capability.

Proven system with high-speed capacity

The 300S+ high-speed control system from Yaskawa has proven itself in countless machines worldwide over the last 20 years and has been continuously developed. The current version is around ten times faster than comparable systems. With up to 8 MB of (fully remanent) memory, the PLC CPUs offer significantly more storage space. They also offer a number of other advantages over the previous models and all at a lower price. Up to 32 expansion modules can be installed per station.

The system is particularly versatile thanks to front connectors suitable for integrated I/O channels as well as the option of using commercially available SD cards as external storage media, for example. Last but not least, the system satisfies the highest standards when it comes to clever storage management, data security and comprehensive communication capabilities using sophisticated protocols, for example the option to use an integrated Ethernet connection and a wide variety of supported buses.