Conveyour technology

Adaptable and flexible to use

Adaptable and flexible to use

Adaptable and flexible to use

Torwegge GmbH & Co. KG is launching a new development on the market with the FlexO rollers. Thanks to various configuration options, the conveyor technology component is particularly adaptable and can therefore be used flexibly.

The wheel body is made of resistant polyamide and can be installed with different ball or plain bearings. Different axle hole diameters can also be selected. Depending on the weight of the material to be conveyed, the drum is available in various degrees of hardness and load-bearing capacities. This means that the FlexO rollers can be used for almost any application in internal material flow. While new developments often require large quantities, Torwegge can already produce small quantities thanks to the modular design of the FlexO roller. The components can be used in roller rails as well as in the company's own constructions.

"When we developed our FlexO rollers, we had the materials in particular in mind so that we could also produce in small quantities and offer the conveyor rollers at lower prices than other manufacturers," says Uwe Eschment, Managing Director at Torwegge. One difference to comparable products on the market is that different drums can be mounted on the basis of one rim body. Likewise, various adjustments are possible within the rim.

Since conventional conveyor rollers are usually produced in large quantities and according to fixed parameters, such as dimensions and material, modifications are often only possible at high cost. "Our innovation covers the need for small quantities at an attractive price," says Eschment.

The rim of the conveyor component is made of polyamide and consists of two identical parts that are inserted into each other by means of a clip connection. Within the rim body, different ball bearings or plain bearings as well as various axle hole diameters, such as 6, 8 or 10 millimetres, can be selected. The bandage and the rim body are positively connected to each other via the internal or external toothing of the respective component. "In the future, various adaptations and further developments will be pushed in this regard. A rim body made of aluminium for use at higher temperatures or a design for a support roller are conceivable," says Eschment. In addition, the FlexO wheel will be available as a brake roller.

The outer diameter of the rim can also be customised. Currently, Torwegge offers Vulkocell, also called cellular Vulkocell, cellular rubber and cellular polyethylene as available materials. All materials are also available in different degrees of hardness. Cellular rubber and polyethylene are also available in different application temperatures and colours. The intralogistics specialist plans to expand the variety of drum materials in the near future. Materials such as aramid (Kevlar) or aluminium silicate are being considered. "We are firmly convinced that this product, with its special USPs, will be very popular in the relevant industries," says Eschment.