Assembly-friendly control cabinets with optimized installation volume

Assembly-friendly control cabinets with optimized installation volume

Fibox offers its ARCA IEC series wall-mounted enclosures in numerous dimensions and variants.

The models, which are made of glass-fiber-reinforced polycarbonate, feature a wide range of mounting options and particularly uncomplicated enclosure processing. Cable glands and other openings can be easily made without special tools by means of a taper drill. Thanks to the PUR seal foamed into the cover, the enclosures achieve the high IP66 degree of protection. The double-walled design in parts and the edge-reinforced cover ensure maximum impact resistance up to IK10. The corrosion- and UV-resistant ARCA models easily withstand harsh industrial environments at temperatures from -40°C to +80°C.

They comply with EN/IEC 62208, do not require grounding, and are rated for 630A current and 1,500V/DC nominal insulation voltage. The enclosure material exhibits high fire safety and flame retardancy in accordance with UL94 5VA. For the installation space, which is large in relation to the external dimensions, FIBOX stocks a wide range of installation accessories such as various mounting plates in unperforated, perforated or insulated versions, single- to four-row mounting frames and lockable internal doors. Mounting domes in the base, lid and all four sides simplify variable interior installation. Mounting options include brackets for wall mounting as well as brackets for pole mounting. Rain protection edges for outdoor use deflect even heavy downpours away from the housing.