Compensation for large radial shaft misalignments

Compensation for large radial shaft misalignments

KBK Antriebstechnik is expanding its extensive range of shaft connection solutions to include Oldham couplings – also known in German-speaking countries as cross slide couplings. The couplings designed for the lower torque range are ideal for connecting stepper motors, encoders and small servo motors.

To complement its wide range of shaft couplings, KBK is now offering the three new cross slide coupling series KB01, KB02 and KB02C. These torsionally rigid couplings can compensate for large radial misalignments between two shafts. The KB01 series is available in eight sizes with external diameters from 8 mm to 50 mm, the KB02 and KB02C series are each available in six sizes - also with external diameters from 8 mm to 50 mm. The couplings were designed for shaft diameters from 2 mm to 22 mm and torques from 0.16 to 36 Nm.

From inexpensive to compact

The Oldham couplings, named after their inventor, consist of three components. KBK manufactures the internal disc made of polyacetal that compensates for the shaft offset. This plastic is characterized by high wear resistance. Another advantage is that the two outer coupling hubs are electrically insulated from each other by the plastic. The external hubs are attached to the shafts to be connected and, depending on the application, are made of high-strength aluminum or stainless steel.

In the KB01 series, the hub connection is realized cost-effectively using adjusting screws; In the KB02 and KB02C series, the connection is made via clamping hubs. The C on the KB02C stands for Compact: This short coupling was developed specifically for applications where there is little space available. The big advantage of the backlash-free couplings, in addition to the large radial offset compensation and the precise power transmission, is the easy assembly by plugging the three disks together.