Customized clamping rings and shaft couplings

Customized clamping rings and shaft couplings

Customer-specific calculated clamping rings, rigid shaft couplings with individual bores: KBK Antriebstechnik supplies the optimum solution for every application. The company from Klingenberg in Bavaria is significantly more flexible than the competition when it comes to component design.

KBK was the first supplier on the market to bindingly define the torques that can be transmitted from a clamping ring to a hollow shaft. The drive technology specialists can therefore adapt each clamping ring precisely to the requirements of the respective application. KBK equips the clamping rings with keyways or individual bores, for example. It is also possible to manufacture clamping rings with different ratios of outside to inside diameter.

The clamping rings are suitable for shaft diameters from 4 to 50 mm and can be used both for torque transmission on hollow shafts and for axial securing of components on solid shafts. KBK offers clamping rings in slotted or split design, which are optionally made of burnished steel, stainless steel as well as high-strength aluminum. They can support axial forces from 867 to 14,560 N.

Shaft couplings with individual bores

Rigid shaft couplings from KBK are used wherever shafts have to be connected firmly and without backlash and, at the same time, high torques have to be transmitted. KBK manufactures a wide range of shaft couplings for shaft diameters from 6 mm to 100 mm and torque ranges from 25 to 12,500 Nm. In addition to one-piece designs and variants in half-shell design, KBK also offers stainless steel shaft couplings for use in hygiene-critical applications. They can easily withstand aggressive cleaning agents and disinfectants. All shaft couplings are also available with keyways and can be provided with customer-specific bores on request. This service is unique in the industry..