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Ergonomics without a socket

Ergonomics without a socket

How can the flexibility of the vacuum lifting device VacuMaster be further increased? Vacuum expert Schmalz has a simple answer to this question: with a rechargeable battery. This enables skilled workers to work ergonomically without mains power.

The VacuMaster has become an indispensable tool in metal and woodworking companies. Thanks to many equipment variants, the vacuum lifting device adapts to all requirements. It transports unwieldy workpieces such as metal sheets or wooden boards. With the new VacuMaster Charge, skilled workers can now handle loads independently of a power supply. This increases flexibility, as only an overhead crane is required, but no connection to the power supply. Another advantage: after the work is done, the lifting aid is quickly put away and the crane system is ready for other services.

The VacuMaster Charge has a rechargeable battery that provides enough power for an eight-hour shift in normal operation. Longer operations are no problem with an optional exchangeable battery: this allows employees to use the lifting device continuously over several shifts. The power accumulator supplies four diaphragm pumps with energy. Users have a suction capacity of eight cubic metres per hour and a vacuum of -850 millibars at their disposal. The intelligent control system switches off the four pumps when the vacuum level is safe, thus guaranteeing low energy consumption and long battery life.

Developed in the basic version for the horizontal transport of suction-tight workpieces, skilled workers can also handle corrugated sheets safely with special suction plates. The VacuMaster Charge can handle loads of up to 750 kilograms. Thanks to the modular system, users can adapt the battery-powered lifting device, like all models in the product family, to individual requirements.