Liquid cooling

Extreme Performance

Extreme Performance

High cooling performance with minimal pressure loss is offered by the new IsoMaxx heat sinks from Mersen. The cooling plates meet the high demands of modern power electronics and have been specially developed for the latest SiC, GaN or IGBT power modules.

Modern converters, transportation systems, electric vehicles and alternative energy generators benefit from the increasingly efficient wide bandgap semiconductors, which are optimised for operation at higher switching frequency and temperature and feature a much more compact design. Conventional heat sinks cannot meet these high cooling requirements.

Vacuum soldered and with low pressure drop

Mersen has therefore developed IsoMaxx for this need - a revolutionary vacuum-brazed cold plate with unique performance: the thermal resistance (Rth) is on average 6 °C/kW. At ~600 mbar, the elements also feature a significantly lower pressure drop than all previous models. The cooling plates ensure that the power electronics are in the best possible temperature range and that all individual chips and modules on the cooling plate maintain the same temperature. IsoMaxx helps developers to be even more efficient and space-saving: The modules do not require a minimum distance from each other and can be installed completely independently of the number according to need and requirement.