First UL-listed motor cable for cable tray and e-chain on the market

First UL-listed motor cable for cable tray and e-chain on the market

With the new chainflex cable CF33.UL, Igus has developed the world's first motor cable for use in the energy chain and on the cable tray that has UL approval and a 4-year functional guarantee in the energy chain. This means that the cable can be laid seamlessly from the energy chain to the cable tray without the need for a plug connection in between. The CF33.UL also adds a shielded PVC motor cable to the chainflex portfolio.

Cables are not exactly the most exciting products, but without a cable you wouldn't even be able to read this text. After all, they are essential for supplying us with electricity and data on a daily basis. If a line fails, the damage is considerable, especially in production. Cables have to withstand a wide variety of loads. These can be heat, cold, high dynamics, UV radiation or even flame resistance. Test certificates from Underwriters Laboratories (UL for short) are also required for the uncomplicated export of machines and systems to the USA and Canada. Igus has now developed the CF33.UL motor cable especially for the use of cables in the energy chain and on the cable tray. Its special feature is its UL listing ("Flexible Motor Supply Cable according to UL 2277"). Normally, UL-listed cables are only intended for fixed installation or occasional movement. UL approval for permanently moving energy chain cables has not existed until now. "With the new motor cable, we are offering our customers a cable type that is suitable for use both in the chain and in the cable tray. A plug connection is no longer necessary," explains Rainer Rössel, authorized signatory and head of the chainflex cables division at Igus. Users also avoid having to stock cables for the chain and fixed installation twice.

Igus issues warranty promise

"We also rely on the service life guarantee for our new motor cable. The customer receives tested and certified safety from us," says Rainer Rössel. To this end, Igus puts its cables through their paces in its own 3,800 square meter laboratory. Thanks to this series of tests and 30 years of experience in the field of moving cables, Igus has recently extended the warranty on the new motor cable to 4 years or 10 million double strokes. Igus also uses the data from the laboratory for its online tools such as the chainflex service life calculator. Here, the customer can determine the durability of the cables in their application directly online. With a chainflex cable, the customer can thus further improve the sustainability of their application. After all, every production run of a new cable that is replaced too early or breaks means a correspondingly high CO2 impact in the production and transportation of a replacement product