Flexible all-rounder

Flexible all-rounder

Its high suction capacity and numerous equipment options make the SCPL multi-stage compact ejector from Schmalz suitable for universal use. It handles different workpieces with process reliability and can be expanded modularly if required.

Porous or suction-tight, large or small: the SCPL multi-stage compact ejector adapts flexibly to a wide range of process parameters. Thanks to its high suction capacity, it moves porous workpieces such as cardboard boxes and packaging materials with ease. An optional switchable air-saving control also allows it to handle suction-tight materials, such as glass or sheet metal, efficiently. Schmalz uses multi-stage nozzles to achieve efficient vacuum generation with low compressed air consumption. The result: SCPL impresses in processes with high volume flow requirements while optimising energy consumption.

Another possible application is large vacuum systems with partial occupancy. Here, the compact ejectors compensate for leakage flows that occur when handling workpieces with different air permeability and keep the vacuum level constant. In combination with surface gripping systems and suction traverses, these multi-talented devices also evacuate large volumes in unison.

Guard included

Schmalz has integrated the valve technology and vacuum monitoring into the device - operators can therefore dispense with external solutions for controlling the vacuum system. The compact ejector can be controlled centrally via an integrated M12 connector - for quick and easy commissioning. The compact ejector is available either as the basic model SCPLb or in the monitored version SCPLc. The latter has an electrical connection for controlling the integrated valves and the vacuum switch as well as an LED display. All devices are designed in protection class IP54.