For fixed shaft journals

For fixed shaft journals

Enemac's EWI metal bellows coupling brings the solution to a major challenge for designers.

Again and again, design engineers are faced with new challenges. In the field of shaft couplings, there are a wide variety of requirements to consider. Does the drive element transmit the forces without backlash? Does it compensate for shaft misalignment in such a way that the bearings are protected? Is it suitable for use in very cold or very hot environments? Does it remain backlash-free even at high speeds?

Once the decision has been made to use a bellows coupling, a new problem may arise: What to do when two rigid shaft journals have to be connected? It goes without saying that a cumbersome assembly and disassembly of the element should be avoided. Enemac's solution is simple but efficient.

The drive specialists from Germany have the type EWI with hubs in half-shell design in their program for this purpose. The fixed hub halves can simply be placed on the shaft journals, the loose hub halves screwed to them, and that's it. When servicing is required, there is also no need for cumbersome disassembly of the drive or output units; simply unscrew the loose halves and remove the coupling by lifting it upwards.

The coupling is available in all seven sizes with either a 4-corrugated or a 2-corrugated bellows. This results in 14 designs in the nominal torque range from 20 Nm to 1600 Nm for shaft diameters from 6 mm to 85 mm, which can compensate for a max. axial misalignment of up to 0.8 mm and a max. lateral misalignment of 0.2 mm.

The connection of bellows and hub by micro-plasma welding process guarantees unlimited fatigue strength between -50 °C and +350 °C.