Ball bearing guides - Linear guidance

High application diversity for lower to medium loads

High application diversity for lower to medium loads

Compact, robust, versatile and low-maintenance: This is the new MiniRoller Rail from Rollon. The roller guide has been specially designed for light to medium loads and combines optimum running characteristics with an adaptable design, high reliability in dirty environments and the ability to self-align. This makes the MiniRoller Rail an efficient alternative to the miniature ball bearing guide for many applications.

Rollon's new MiniRoller Rail are linear guides made of cold-drawn steel section with induction-hardened and honed raceways and a steel or stainless steel slider with four paired rollers. The roller guides feature a compact design, smooth and quiet movements, and low weight, and are ideal for applications with moderate loads.

MiniRoller Rail: Versatile and powerful linear guide

The systems perfectly compensate for parallelism deviations of up to 0.03 mm. Assembly inaccuracies can thus be compensated for without any problems. For the user, this means simpler and shorter assembly times and a high degree of flexibility. Also thanks to fewer holes and screws.

The induction-hardened and honed raceways guarantee maximum precision, maximum reliability, smooth running and a long service life. The large rollers also make the MiniRoller Rail insensitive to dirt and dust - ideal for use in dirty environments. Lifetime lubrication minimizes maintenance requirements. For higher corrosion protection requirements, high-performance surface coatings such as the zinc-nickel or nickel coating are available. In addition, a wide range of other equipment extras is available on request, for example alternative materials or optional mounting elements.

An efficient alternative to miniature ball bearing guides

Thanks to its adaptable design, the MiniRoller Rail can be easily integrated into customized projects. With overall dimensions of 35 x 13 mm including the mounted slider, it is very compact and can therefore be used without any problems even in confined spaces. The length of the linear guide is 1,950 mm, longer versions are also available on request.

Whether in the furniture industry, interiors, aerospace, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage industry or packaging technology: with the MiniRoller Rail, users get an efficient and reliable linear guide that is clearly ahead of the frequently used miniature ball guides, especially in terms of cost-effectiveness, low noise, installation effort and flexibility.