Slip rings

Ideal solution for pharmaceutical inspection machines

Ideal solution for pharmaceutical inspection machines

Inspection machines are used in the pharmaceutical industry to check containers for cleanliness and intact condition before filling. Servotecnica's SVTS C series hollow shaft slip rings ensure that inspection machines can play to their strengths.

Pharmaceutical inspection machines are often equipped with so-called carousel units to optimise processes: Due to the geometric arrangement and diameter of the carousel, the process steps take place in a particularly efficient time sequence and generate the high output characteristic of this type of machine. It is crucial here to transmit electrical energy and also communication signals from a stationary to a constantly rotating part - this is the only way to manage all the supply equipment on board at the necessary speed.

Here, Servotecnica's SVTS C series hollow shaft slip rings are an ideal solution. They offer the most suitable properties and advantages for this purpose:

  • Large hollow shaft: can be mounted directly on the main shaft of the machine
  • 10 sizes with bores from 12 to 100 mm; larger sizes up to 500 mm on request
  • Tested Ethernet transmission signals without electromagnetic interference (std ISO11801 Cat5e F/UTP)
  • Fast data transmission (up to 1Gbit/s possible with SVTS C 05) via Profibus, CanOpen, ProfiNet, SERCOS, EtherCAT and other field buses
  • Transmission of electrical current to power the motors installed in the inspection machine
  • Protection class IP51; IP65 optional
  • Versatile, cost-effective and quickly installed

In addition, a variety of combinations of power and signal are available. Power tracks of up to 15 A and 600 V and signal tracks of 2 A or 5 A at 240 V can be realised. Hollow shaft slip rings of the SVTS C series are ready for immediate use and offer a very good price/performance ratio. As is typical for Servotecnica, individual solutions are also possible for hollow shaft slip rings that go beyond the comprehensive series programme.