Linear technology

Linear system allows numerous configuration options

Linear system allows numerous configuration options

Linear system allows numerous configuration options

Especially for larger handling applications, linear technology specialist Rollon has developed the O-Rail. The strong, simple and versatile linear system has a robust guide with three raceways.

It presents itself in high-quality, matte black: The O-Rail track has its color not because of an aesthetic decision. The rail's hardened, high-strength and heavy-duty steel has been oxidized black using the patented Rollon NOx process, which makes it particularly wear-resistant and reliably protects it against corrosion.

The rail's FXRG guide has three raceways arranged at a 90º angle. Rollers with a solid outer ring and double-row bearings ensure high load capacity, smooth and quiet operation even at high speeds.

These are lubricated for life with a special grease and can therefore be used permanently in a temperature range from -40 to +130 °C. The finely polished raceways have a gothic profile, enabling high rolling precision with very low friction and a long service life.

Self-Aligning Linear System

By using multiple parallel and arbitrarily extendable O-Rail rail segments, in conjunction with adjustable fixed and floating bearing rollers, the user can create a variety of combinations in linear motion. A major advantage of the linear system comes into play here: two parallel rails together form a self-aligning system that compensates for mounting inaccuracies of ±1 mm axially and ±5º in rotation. This saves costs in the adjacent construction, while still achieving smooth and reliable performance.

The O-Rail provides smooth motion even on uneven surfaces and is a versatile linear system suitable for a wide variety of applications.