Self-lubricating, maintenance-free, long-lasting

Self-lubricating, maintenance-free, long-lasting

The self-lubricating plain bearings from the Rodriguez range are precision plain bearings made of aluminum alloy AlMg1 SiCu with Frelon® coating. The special surface ensures permanent self-lubrication and thus reduces friction and wear. The robust and dirt-resistant plain bearings are the perfect solution for adverse environments, such as in heavy industry or agricultural operations.

In contrast to roller or ball bearings, plain bearings do not contain any moving parts, are simpler in construction and economical in the long term. They balance out loads and ensure a quiet, reliable and low-noise workflow. They ensure good dampening of shocks and vibrations because the load is absorbed across the entire surface.

Diverse areas of application

Plain bearings are ideal for applications that require a compact, lightweight design, for example in automobile construction or the wood processing industry. “In principle, self-lubricating plain bearings can be used wherever fine dust occurs, for example in paper and wood processing, but also where lubricants are generally not allowed to be used or where a rolling bearing cannot be used due to dirt, temperature or necessary lubrication “, explains Timo Hermann, product manager for linear technology and precision bearings at Rodriguez.

In contrast to external lubrication, in bearings with self-lubrication the lubricating medium is an essential component of the bearing material and does not need to be applied additionally. The medium is continuously transferred throughout the entire life of the plain bearing, so there are no maintenance costs.

Self-lubricating plain bearings from the Rodriguez range

Rodriguez offers the rust and corrosion resistant bearings in open and closed form, standard size (5mm to 100mm diameter) and thin wall compact size (6mm to 50mm diameter). They are comparatively light, wear-resistant and highly resilient and suitable for very high and very low temperatures. All plain bearings are also available in inch dimensions and offer the usual Rodriguez precision: all critical surfaces were ground on precision bearing grinders. Rodriguez also supplies the plain bearings as an assembly together with the housing and precision steel shaft, including machining according to drawings. In principle, the Eschweiler company is also prepared to produce a special bearing from any standard bearing.