Shorten construction and commissioning by 70 percent

Shorten construction and commissioning by 70 percent

Omron, a global provider of automation technology for industrial companies, now announces the Industrial Part Feeder (iPF), the latest addition to its broad portfolio of robotic solutions. The iPF is specifically designed for efficient part removal. It streamlines manufacturing processes such as assembly, packaging, sortation and inspection in various industries.

By seamlessly integrating the iPF with OMRON's SCARA and articulated robots, vision systems and software, this complete solution reduces the time required for design and commissioning by 70 percent. The entire solution can be controlled via a single software platform.

The new Industrial Part Feeder is particularly flexible, fast and precise. At the same time, it requires little space and minimises cycle time for fast product changeovers. With its advanced three-axis technology, the iPF system moves parts quickly in all directions, avoids
in all directions, prevents parts from accumulating in corners and edges as well as recirculating parts, and handles delicate components without interference with precise frequency and amplitude control. This technology ensures optimal efficiency
even on textured, perforated or perforated surfaces.

The iPF series includes three models suitable for different component sizes:

  • The iPF-240 is ideal for small, flat or cubic components ranging in size from 5 to 40 millimetres, including electronic components, fuses, screws, fasteners and washers.
  • The iPF-380 is suitable for components from 15 to 60 millimetres, making it ideal for complex fasteners, large-volume parts and joints.
  • The iPF-530 is suitable for larger components ranging in size from 30 to 150 millimetres. Examples include large complex housings and bearings.

The key advantages of the iPF solution at a glance

Flexibility: The Industrial Part Feeder series can accommodate many different parts. This includes components with complex geometries or sensitive surfaces.
Efficient part separation: Thanks to advanced vibration technology, the Feeder Series separates and presents parts in a controlled manner, minimising the risk of jams, tangles or misalignments.
Fast changeovers: The iPF feeder speeds up and simplifies changeovers between different parts.
Precise control: iPF feeders provide precise control of part feeding along with accurate positioning and alignment.
Scalability: Whether it's a small operation or a large production facility: The feeder series can be scaled up or down depending on production needs.

"Omron is committed to driving innovation and efficiency in industrial automation," says Fernando Vaquerizo, Fixed and Cobots Product Marketing Manager at Omron Europe. "With the iPF series, we enable manufacturers to simplify operations and maximise
maximise productivity. The iPF is the ideal complement to our wide range of fixed, mobile and collaborative robot solutions."