Telescopic slides

Six new variants now available

Six new variants now available

Six new variants now available

In the area of telescopic rails, Norelem now offers an even larger selection, a total of 39 models of various designs, materials and sizes as well as accessories for retrofitting. The products can be used in many industries - from mechanical and plant engineering to the automotive and furniture industries to medical technology.

The standard parts expert offers telescopic rails in a wide range of lengths, high-quality materials, different types of installation and equipment variants. All rails are low-maintenance and enable smooth and almost silent linear movement - features that are particularly important to most customers.
Materials and applications

Norelem has also made sure to offer a wide range of materials and features in order to be able to offer rails for a wide range of applications. In addition to reliable standard rails made of steel, customers can also purchase models made of aluminum and stainless steel. Five of the six new variants are made of steel and one is made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant and ensures maximum hygiene, for example in medical technology. Aluminum, on the other hand, makes the telescopic extensions particularly light and is therefore ideal for applications such as the furniture industry.

Stress areas

Overall, Norelem's telescopic rail range covers loads from 10 kg to 741 kg. The six new variants have a load capacity of 20 kg to 90 kg and are therefore light to medium load-bearing.

In the light load range of up to 50 kg, the rails are suitable for kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and commercial applications, for example. Rails with a load capacity of 51 kg to 99 kg are suitable for medium loads, for example in transport and automotive technology or retail. Rails with a load capacity of 100 kg or more are suitable for heavy loads, for example for applications in machines or emergency vehicles.

Equipment variants and accessories

The customer also has numerous options when it comes to the pull-out variants - available options include “soft close”, “push to open”, self-closing or a catch with an operating lever. Customers can also choose between partial, full and over-extension.

The steel and stainless steel mounting brackets also available from Norelem are suitable for floor, platform or side mounting. Ideally, the telescopic rails should be installed vertically opposite each other in all applications. For horizontal mounting rails, the load capacity is reduced by 75%.

The locking unit can be used to retrofit drawers that are equipped with conventional telescopic rails. It is mounted on the front of the drawer. norelem offers two different locking variants with a button pressure force of 60 N or 120 N.