Transmitting torques with large shaft misalignment

Transmitting torques with large shaft misalignment

KBK articulated couplings are very suitable for torsionally rigid torque transmission with large radial and angular misalignment. Minimal restoring forces protect the bearings and thus extend the service life of machinery and equipment.

Due to their kinematics, articulated couplings are characterized by the fact that they compensate for very large radial and angular misalignments without significant restoring forces. They can therefore also be used in all cases where the expected shaft misalignment cannot be precisely estimated in advance.

KBK offers articulated couplings in three variants: The GK series with threaded connection for axial forces from 200 to 13,000 N and the GK-T and GK-TH series with clamping hub, each for torques up to 580 Nm. The GK-TH series has split clamping hubs. This is particularly convenient, as the drives or units to be connected no longer have to be disconnected when installing or removing the coupling. All articulated couplings are available in aluminum and stainless steel. The internal pins are made of hardened steel.

KBK universal joint couplings can be used for more than just connecting two shafts. They can also be used as compensating elements in the event of misalignment. If, for example, a linear motor has to be bolted to a machine frame at both ends and the supports at the shaft ends are not exactly aligned, this leads to distortion of the linear bearings. The result is precision deficiencies and increased wear. However, if an axially rigid KBK type GK universal joint coupling with internal and external threads is used at one end of the linear axis for the connection to the linear motor axis, it compensates for the misalignment.

In addition to articulated couplings, KBK also manufactures safety couplings, metal bellows couplings, elastomer couplings, rigid shaft couplings and clamping sets. The drive technology specialists also make customer-specific modifications on request. Since all couplings are produced in a modular system, individual solutions can be realized quickly and cost-effectively.