Frequency inverters

Expansion of the range of services

Expansion of the range of services

In the course of 2022, Sieb & Meyer AG will offer a total of nine SD4S sizes that cover or expand the current performance range of the SD2S series. This means that successor products for the SD2S series have been tried and tested in terms of function and bring numerous advantages to the user.

The SD4S will be available in five sizes of the 230 V class at the beginning of 2022, and four additional sizes of the 400 V class will come onto the market in the first half of 2022. Overall, these frequency converters then cover the current power range (1.4..55 kVA) of the SD2S series or even extend it upwards and downwards (0.8..66 kVA). "We are looking forward to the start of mass production of the SD4S," says Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at Sieb & Meyer AG. "As a result, more and more customers can now benefit from the central advantages of the SD4x product family: the optimized performance, higher speeds and low motor heating without a sine filter."

Until recently, the focus was on field testing the new SD4x development platform. The first SD4S device variant initially served to close the power-side gap in the existing product portfolio of frequency converters in the lower power range: It started with a control cabinet variant of the SD4S with 800 W / 1.6 kVA. At the end of the second quarter of 2021, the next size with 1,600 W / 3.2 kVA was available. These SD4S variants represent the optimal basis for the operation of high-speed spindles or motors in the power range from a few hundred watts to 1.6 kW. The devices are already being used successfully by customers. Various applications have confirmed that SIEB & MEYER has developed a universal, stable system.