Control- and I/O-system

Extension for the proven solution

Extension for the proven solution

Yaskawa is expanding the proven decentralised I/O and control system SLIO with a new I/O-Link module and the associated software Yaskawa IO-Link Manager. The SLIO I/O-Link module now enables communication between the CPU and I/O-Link-capable field devices such as sensors and actuators in accordance with IEC 61131-9.

The new development can be operated directly on the CPU or via a fieldbus coupler with a CPU. The module operates as an I/O-Link master, whereby up to six masters can be connected, allowing the operation of up to 24 IO-Link devices per head station. On the hardware side, it has four freely parameterisable 64-byte channels. These can be operated either in standard input/output (SIO) mode or in I/O-Link mode. Status LEDs indicate the respective mode and any errors that may occur.

The ports are galvanically isolated from the backplane bus

The IO-Link master modules are configured, controlled and updated via the Yaskawa IO-Link Manager software, which is also new. The IODD files are reloaded via a server of the IO-Link community. A high level of data security is guaranteed, as IODD files do not contain any executable code.

The software communicates via Ethernet with one or more connected IO-Link master modules and is able to read out and visualise their configuration. Furthermore, users can change the configuration via a GUI (Graphical User Interface), save it locally on a data carrier and write it to the module again via Ethernet. The behaviour of the module is influenced or changed by changing the configuration.