Functional and intuitive

Functional and intuitive

Schneider Electric is launching the SpaceLogic KNX 4 inch Mini Touch, a new operating device for controlling KNX functions.

As a central component of building automation, it combines access to HVAC, lighting, blinds, underfloor heating and ventilation functions in just one compact device. The touch panel has a 4-inch LCD TFT display with 480x480 pixel resolution, which can display 16 million colours and allows the display of nine screens with up to six functions each. In this way, a total of 54 building functions - even for different rooms in a building - can be controlled conveniently and centrally via touch display. Programming is uncomplicated via the KNX ETS software.

In the coming months, an update for the implementation of KNX Secure will further improve the security of the system. Furthermore, the control unit has a proximity sensor: if the user is in the immediate vicinity of the device, it switches on automatically. An integrated temperature sensor also effectively supports users in controlling the respective room temperature in the building. The KNX Touch Display functions as a stand-alone device and is supplied with a separate voltage of 24V.

Clear design and customisable display

With its frameless design, the KNX 4 inch Mini Touch fits into many different living styles. Customisable themes and screen savers can be set via the USB interface. Thanks to the real-time clock functionality, the time and date can be displayed in the screen saver. It is also possible to switch between day and night mode, which saves energy and ensures the longevity of the device. An integrated password protection also prevents unauthorised access to the touch panel and the USB interface.