Improved security, connectivity and data management

Improved security, connectivity and data management

Mitsubishi Electric has updated its FX5-ENET Ethernet module to provide Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) functionality in plants using Melsec iQ-F series PLCs. This use of connectivity to cloud systems, cybersecurity and email capabilities provides enhanced security, connectivity and data management. This enables end users and machine builders to further increase operational efficiency.

The latest hardware upgrade to the FX5-ENET Ethernet module enables seamless data integration to the cloud in line with IIoT requirements. As a result, machines benefit from data-driven analytics for predictive maintenance, simplified troubleshooting and increased productivity. Cloud-based solutions also help to increase profitability.

IIoT cloud connectivity is enabled by the MQTT communication protocol. It ensures maximum accessibility and versatility for a wide range of applications. This connectivity enables remote access and seamlessly connected machines for smart operations while protecting factories from cybersecurity threats.

The use of MQTT in the FX5-ENET Ethernet unit provides a range of security features, including encryption, digital certifications and TLS encryption, which minimize potential risks through detection, prevention and response. This ensures secure data transmission and protects against potential security risks.

In addition, the FX5-ENET Ethernet solution integrates encrypted email sending capabilities. This feature supports free email services such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail and enables operators to communicate securely via an SMTP server. This helps to improve availability, accessibility and responsiveness.