Pressure control

Meet high standards

Meet high standards

Whether in the automotive industry or in general mechanical engineering, pressure control is an essential task in pneumatic applications. It is not only important to perform the control reliably, but also to meet other requirements. These include low space consumption and simple installation and maintenance. In addition, some applications require different pressures at the same time. The AR#M series modular pressure regulator from SMC meets these and other requirements. Thanks to its design, it can also be combined in the form of a regulator battery in a one-box design, has a uniform housing design, requires only one compressed air supply, and makes it easier for users to set both the pressure and the pressure range.

Pneumatic applications in particular, which require the regulation of different pressures, can be a challenge for process engineers. After all, here too it is important not only to ensure reliable regulation, but equally to save space and keep installation and maintenance costs low. With the AR#M series, SMC offers a modular pressure controller that meets numerous other requirements in addition to this requirement profile. For example, the new solution from the specialist for pneumatic and electrical automation enables modular construction as a regulator battery in a one-box design as a uniform housing construction, with additional interlocking with all attachments (filter, regulator, lubricator) of the AC-D series maintenance unit as well as centralized pressure control at the rear.

Multiple advantages
Different regulators with flow rates of 1500, 2100 and 4300 l/min can be combined in the AR#M series as a regulator battery in a one-box design. On the one hand, thanks to a common supply and out connection, pressure control can be centralized at the rear (only one compressed air supply required), and on the other hand, different output pressures - such as 0.2 MPa and 0.5 MPa - can be realized at the rear. Thanks to the pre-assembled units, the regulator battery as a one-box design is around 90 mm shorter than the predecessor model, for example with size 30 and a connection Æ of 10 mm, which saves space. Overall, the design reduces the amount of hosing, installation and maintenance work, which also reduces costs.

The uniform housing construction in the one-box design also helps to make it much less likely for dust and other foreign matter to collect on the outside of the pressure regulators. The square integratable pressure gauge is also mounted without protruding components, which not only reduces the risk of injury, but also avoids possible damage to the gauge, thus reducing the procurement of spare parts, including the associated costs. The modular pressure regulators can also be easily supplemented with the AC-D series maintenance unit, which enables filtering and oiling of the compressed air.

Easy handling

The transparent opening and closing window of the rectangular manometer can be easily opened by hand and the pressure range can be adjusted by means of a flat-blade screwdriver. The ergonomic knob located on the underside also allows the pressure to be regulated in no time at all. A target pressure of 0.05 to approx. 0.85 MPa can be set. Depending on the size (20, 30, 40), 1/2 (inlet only), 1/4, 1/8 and 3/8 connections are available at the inlet and outlet for installation. Selecting the right combination is also effortless: Using SMC's online configurator, users can put together the right combination very quickly. In addition, a plausibility check running in the background prevents incorrect orders in advance.