Frequency converters

New versions with 400 VAC supply voltage

New versions with 400 VAC supply voltage

Sieb & Meyer has added two 400 V device variants to its SD4S product series. With the two new frequency converter models, the user has a choice of 4 KW / 8 A or 6 KW / 12 A at a rated switching frequency of 16 kHz. With an overall volume of only 3.6 litres, the units concentrate the highest performance in the smallest space.

With the SD4S series Sieb & Meyer continues its successful SD2S variants and provides its customers with an even significantly improved processor performance. The new 32-bit processor is up to five times faster and thus allows higher resolution, more precise calculations and faster processing of complex tasks. For the customer, this means a significant increase in performance. Higher switching frequencies and improved control quality result in even higher speeds and an improvement in the overall process.

The S in the type designation identifies the "stand-alone" variants, which were designed for stationary use in control cabinets of machine tools, turbo compressors and compressors, among others. With a width of only 80 mm, the two new 400 V models enable extremely space-saving installation. Due to their available maximum switching frequency of 32 kHz, the units are suitable for the operation of synchronous motors up to 4,000 Hz (240,000 1/min) or asynchronous motors up to 6,000 Hz (360,000 1/min).

Parallel to the expansion of the unit variants, Sieb & Meyer has also expanded the connectivity of its SD4x units. In addition to the Ethernet-based interfaces EtherCAT, Modbus TCP and Powerlink, communication via Profinet IO is now also available to the user. Among other things, this expands the application possibilities in the area of machine tools.