Reduce line and switching losses

Reduce line and switching losses

Vishay Intertechnology introduces 15 new FRED Pt Gen 5 600 V and 1200 V series Hyperfast and Ultrafast rectifiers in compact SOT-227 packages. Vishay Semiconductors' rectifiers offer the best trade-off between conduction and switching losses in their class and are designed to improve the efficiency of high-frequency converters and soft-switched or resonant designs.

The featured devices are tuned for operation with Mosfets or high-speed IGBTs and optimized for PFC and output rectifier stages for EV/HEV battery charging stations, booster stages for solar inverters and UPS. For these applications, they offer lower conduction losses than previous generation devices while maintaining low reverse current losses. In addition, the semiconductor is isolated from the copper baseplate in the SOT-227 package, enabling common heat sinks and compact assemblies.

The rectifiers offer a current capability of 30 A at 600 V in the single-phase bridge configuration and 60 A to 300 A at 600 V and 1200 V in the two-diode configuration. They are available in X-type Hyperfast and H-type Ultrafast speed classes, with the H-types having the advantage of lower conduction losses and the X-types having a shorter blocking delay time. They can be used at high temperatures up to +175 °C.