Drive electronics

Simple, precise

Simple, precise

Simple, precise - Dunkermotoren and MAE present cost-effective dGo drive electronics for stepper motors.

Rarely are both designer and purchaser enthusiastic about the same product. However, stepper motors with the new dGo drive electronics from Dunkermotoren and MAE, both Ametek brands, have achieved this. Designers enjoy the small footprint combined with high torque and simple, precise control. Buyers are pleased with the low cost.

For a long time, stepper motors led a shadowy existence. Speed, overload and noise requirements could not always be met due to the mechanical design. In the meantime, these limitations are compensated electronically with sophisticated algorithms, so that stepper motors are currently experiencing a true renaissance. Dunkermotoren and MAE offer a new drive solution in this area, which impresses with performance despite the simplest control.

The Dunkermotoren dGo add-on electronics for the MAE motors of the sizes NEMA 17, 23 and 34 is only controlled via a frequency signal for the speed and a direction signal (Step & Direction). Even with a simple frequency generator, customers can set speeds with a ratio of more than 10,000:1! No compromises have to be made in terms of positioning accuracy. Electronic microstepping allows up to 12,800 preset positions per revolution.

If no movement is required, the electronics reduce the operating current to compensate for the weaknesses of conventional stepper motor controls. Other algorithms ensure, among other things, that the motor runs almost silently, especially at low speeds. Even the earlier "spectre" of stepper motors, the problem of unnoticed step loss in the event of undimensioned overload, loses its horror with electronic step loss detection.

The application range of the new dGo stepper motor control electronics extends from precise metering pumps and gantry or pick & place systems to packaging and labeling devices. Especially in the field of device construction, where compact design and simplest control are essential, the new electronics show their strengths. This is how new products in the fields of industry, equipment manufacturing, medical technology and intralogistics benefit.

As with all Dunkermotoren products, the combination of the MAE stepper motor with dGo electronics is supplemented with matching gearheads, encoders and brakes thanks to Dunkermotoren's innovative modular system. For maximum flexibility in configuring and providing customized designs, all motor and electronic components are completely developed and produced in-house in Europe. This flexibility pleases not only purchasers and designers, but also their end customers.