Rack-and-pinion gearbox

Developed according to customer specification

Developed according to customer specification

Leantechnik's high-precision robust rack and pinion gear units are used in numerous lifting, handling and positioning systems worldwide. For applications with special requirements, the automation specialists also manufacture special gear units with individual specifications under the name leanUnique. 

Rack and pinion gear units from Leantechnik were developed for the powerful conversion of rotation into linear motion. The lifgo and lean SL gear units can be found in passenger car production as well as in medical equipment, in traffic engineering, or in mechanical and plant engineering. All rack-and-pinion gear units are manufactured according to the modular principle and can be combined with each other as required.

In addition to the standard gear units in many sizes, Leantechnik also produces customized designs for applications with special requirements under the name leanUnique. Depending on the specifications, these rack-and-pinion gear units can withstand extreme loads, are manufactured in individual dimensions or from special materials, or are provided with special coatings. These include burnishing, galvanizing and anodizing of the gearboxes, but Duralloy coating is also possible.

Some of the special gear units also find their way into Leantechnik's standard range. This applies, for example, to the lean SL 5.5 gear unit with lifting forces of up to 25000 N, which was originally developed for use in a nuclear power plant. In the meantime, this rack-and-pinion gear unit can also be found in other heavy-duty industrial applications. The particularly small lean SL® 5.m with a maximum lifting force of 300 N, on the other hand, was designed for the food industry and is now also available as standard.

LeanUnique rack-and-pinion gear units from Leantechnik are individually manufactured starting at moderate quantities and are provided with customer-specific connection bores.