Gear motors

Expansion to a product family

Expansion to a product family

Nord Drivesystems is expanding its successful LogiDrive concept to include new markets and products - making the benefits of standardized, industry-optimized gear motor variants available to additional applications. With the new LogiDrive product family, the North German company offers a broad portfolio of perfectly matched drive solutions that meet a wide range of requirements and objectives - be it energy efficiency, variant reduction, cost-effectiveness or flexibility.

LogiDrive is an energy-efficient, service-friendly and standardized modular system. Depending on the industry and the objective, different NORD products are combined to form a drive solution that is 100 percent tailored to the corresponding industry standards and application requirements. The new, expanded LogiDrive solution space is aimed at conveyor applications in the Post & Parcel and Airport as well as Warehouse sectors and includes an Advanced variant with IE5+ synchronous motor technology and a Basic variant with IE3 asynchronous motors in each case. While the LogiDrive Advanced drives address issues such as energy efficiency, variant reduction and total cost of ownership (TCO), the LogiDrive Basic drives focus primarily on cost efficiency.

User-friendly plug-and-play technology

All LogiDrive systems are efficient as well as extremely easy to maintain and install thanks to plug-and-play technology. The entire system is modular, so all drive technology components can be serviced individually. This minimizes maintenance and repair costs. All connections are made via simple plug-in connections; in addition, integrated maintenance switches and manual control switches ensure a high level of user-friendliness. The cables are also supplied by Nord. Possible sources of error are thus eliminated and commissioning made easier. The compact design saves space and the weight is low thanks to the aluminum housing. Due to the design of the motors used and the operation on the frequency inverter, the same motor variant can be used universally worldwide.

The optimum solution for every application

The new LogiDrive solution space includes the following gearmotor variants:

LogiDrive for Post & Parcel and Airport.

  • Advanced: IE5+ synchronous motor and two-stage bevel helical gear unit or DuoDrive plus Nordac Link frequency inverter installed close to the motor
  • Basic: IE3 asynchronous motor, two-stage helical bevel gear unit and Nordac Flex frequency inverter

LogiDrive for Warehouse

  • Advanced: IE5+ synchronous motor (ventilated or non-ventilated), two-stage helical bevel gearbox and Nordac ON+ frequency inverter with integrated multi-protocol Ethernet interface
  • Basic: Fixed motor-inverter combinations consisting of IE3 asynchronous motor (87 Hz) and Nordac ON frequency inverter with integrated multi-protocol Ethernet interface plus worm gear unit

The entire concept is designed for optimum performance, best possible efficiency, and maximum user-friendliness. All solutions are individually tailored to each customer, taking advantage of the high overload capacity of the motors and the large adjustment range of the system, and are specifically designed for the individual load spectrum of the system.