Precision gears

High performance meets hygienic design

High performance meets hygienic design

Nabtesco, the world’s largest manufacturer of precision cycloidal gears, offers an extensive range of automation solutions for the production, handling and packaging of foods. In particular, the gears of the Necoâ and RD-C series have proven themselves in high-performance positioning applications for the processing of cheese, fruit, meat, or sweets and baked goods. These innovative gear systems feature high precision, efficiency and reliability and optimally fulfil the specific hygiene standards of the food industry.

Whether the requirement is for high-speed handling, robot-assisted positioning, or dynamic pick-and-place applications: Nabtesco offers the right gear solution for every application in the food industry. The special design of the innovative gear systems makes them extremely precise (max. hysteresis loss of 1 arc.min), robust (shock resistance up to 500% of the rated torque) and compact (about 50% shorter than multi-stage planetary gears). They enable high speeds and accelerations while performing with absolute reliability, and they feature excellent repeatability and path accuracy. They ensure fast and precise gripping and placement, even in applications with very fast and sudden motions.

Hygiene-friendly gears for fast and efficient cleaning

The gears of the Necoâ and RD-C series feature a special hygienic design with smooth surfaces and optimised seals, which makes them easy to clean. On request Nabtesco can deliver the precision gears with special coatings or filled with H1 lubricants that are safe for use with food. The hygienic design of the Necoâ and RD-C gears makes them ideal for use in packaging machines and filling systems, as well as handling and positioning systems such as Scara or pallet-loading robots.

Neco: Precision in a hygienic design

The Neco series comprises completely enclosed gearboxes that fulfil the most stringent requirements for performance and user-friendliness. They achieve high precision with a maximum hysteresis loss of 0.5 arc.min and feature full corrosion protection. Their cleaning-friendly design, high precision and rigidity, as well as the excellent efficiency, make Neco ideal for all hygiene-critical handling and positioning applications requiring a combination of good cleanability, excellent performance and high efficiency. Another advantage: The modularity and flexibility of the gear series helps to eliminate the extra cost of oversized systems. Instead of using a separate interface to connect each motor type, a flexible system with modular bushings and flanges guarantees easy adaptation of all standard servo motors.

RD-C: Versatile hollow shaft gears

If the application requires a hollow shaft, the compact gears of the RD-C series are the top choice. The large hollow shaft provides sufficient space for routing data and supply lines as well as drive shafts through the centre of the gearbox. Another advantage is that the hollow shaft does not remain rigid, but rather is designed to rotate at the output rpm. This makes it possible to determine the position of the drive shaft directly by means of a sensor on the hollow shaft. The servo gearboxes of the RD-C series are available in three versions, which makes them especially versatile for use in numerous applications. While the RDR-C series is designed for angled mounting, the RDS-C series is suitable for direct mounting; the RDP-C is a belt-driven variant.

The world’s largest manufacturer of precision gears

For well over 35 years Nabtesco, the world’s largest and most renowned manufacturer of precision cycloidal gears and also the market leader for robotic gears (market share of more than 60%), has been supplying the industry with high-performance drive solutions and is a  partner in high demand when it comes to automation. Meanwhile, well over twelve million gear systems are in use around the globe. They are a guarantee for efficient production and cleaning processes, high productivity and minimum costs – and are long considered a key technology for efficient drive concepts.