Stepper motors

Highly efficient and easy to install

Highly efficient and easy to install

A high torque density combined with maximum efficiency and minimal wiring effort: these are the advantages of the new AZ stepper motors from Oriental Motor. The drives have a high-quality PLE planetary gearbox from Neugart and an innovative plug connection that saves a lot of space and time during installation.

Oriental Motor is expanding its range of drives with powerful Neugart gearboxes: The hybrid stepper motors of the AZ series are now available with a PLE planetary gearbox from the drive technology specialist. The PLE gearbox is characterized by a high output torque of 150 Nm, has an average service life of 30,000 hours and works with maximum efficiency even at the highest speeds.

A particularly low weight as well as a high torque density and a wide range of gear ratios (i=3 to i=512) are further striking features of the transmission. With its low-friction deep groove ball bearing, optimized lubrication and low backlash, the PLE planetary gearbox is suitable for use even in demanding production cycles.

The combination with the powerful planetary gear from Neugart is not the only innovation in the proven AZ stepper motors from Oriental Motor. Another design change concerns the connection of the motor to the driver: This is now done via a single cable with a lockable connector. The cables for motor, signals, brake and grounding are bundled together. The user not only saves installation space, but also working time.

Cables with a length of up to 10 m are available for connecting the motor and driver. They are available in three different versions: cable routing to the shaft, cable routing to the back and vertical cable routing.

Oriental Motor has been working with Neugart since 2014 and has gradually added high-quality gearboxes from Kippenheim, Baden, to its product portfolio during this time. More products will follow.