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Linear motion solutions from a single source for railway technology

As a long-standing partner to the railway industry, Rollon has international application experience, a comprehensive product portfolio and a high level of solution expertise in railway technology. The acquisition of Nadella, Durbal, Shuton-Ipiranga, Chiavette Unificate and Rosa Sistemi by the Timken Company has significantly expanded this competence package. Rollon is now a full-range supplier and is therefore able to implement linear motion solutions for all railway applications – be it train components, drive technology, maintenance, points or signalling technology.

"Rail will be at the heart of European transport policy in the coming years," says Adina Vălean, EU Commissioner for Transport. However, it is not only Europe that is focusing on strengthening the railways; leading providers around the world are investing billions in the development and expansion of the transport and rail sector. The Rollon Group has the necessary expertise, many years of industry experience and the relevant technologies to meet the challenges of the future.

Reliability, efficiency and safety have top priority

In the transport and rail sector, the efficiency of traffic and the safety of passengers are paramount. Whether rail, subway or streetcar: all installed parts and components must be designed to offer maximum reliability. But it is not only the applications in and on the train that demand the highest standards. Areas such as infrastructure, maintenance, cleaning and safety technology also require the greatest possible safety, long-lasting and low-maintenance operation and low operating costs. Factors such as corrosive substances, constant vibrations, climatic influences and everyday wear and tear must be taken into account. "Railway components are used every day under difficult environmental conditions. These include dirt, moisture, heavy use, brake abrasion and corrosive substances that can damage the components," explains Jörg Lillpopp, Sales Director at Rollon. "Even seemingly inconspicuous substances such as human hair can accumulate over time and jeopardize the smooth operation of the components. High-quality and corrosion-protected components are therefore the be-all and end-all."

Everything from a single source

Jörg Lillpopp knows what he is talking about. Rollon has more than two decades of experience in the railway sector and knows exactly what its customers need. "Customizing in particular is a big issue, because the extremely high industry-specific requirements in terms of reliability, service life, safety and freedom from maintenance can rarely be met with standard components. Comprehensive solutions are often required," explains the sales manager. Home game for Rollon. The specialist for linear motion systems offers unique expertise in terms of development, production and application under one roof. In close cooperation with the customer, economical, flexible and safe solutions are created that meet individual performance and maintenance specifications one hundred percent – from standard systems to completely customized assemblies.

The addition of Nadella including Durbal, Shuton-Ipiranga and Chiavette Unificate in April 2023 and Rosa Sistemi in October 2023 to the Rollon and Timken family has set the course for the future and created valuable synergies that will also benefit rail technology customers worldwide. The Rollon Group is now in a position to go far beyond the classic fields of application of linear technology – interior and exterior – and is repositioning itself as a player for the future challenges of railway technology as a reliable complete partner. The more comprehensive product range and the expanded system solution expertise lead to a broader range of services and open up completely new possibilities. Whether train components, drive technology, maintenance, infrastructure, points or signalling technology: wherever something in the railway sector needs to be moved or adjusted, Rollon's safe, durable and compact solutions are in demand.

One of the world's leading supplier of telescopic slides

Rollon offers the greatest product depth and variety in telescopic guide systems and is one of the global market leader. The heavy-duty and rigid telescopic slides with hardened running profiles are characterized by quiet operation, long durability and uncompromising stability and can be found in train doors, interior doors, platform screen door systems, seat and table adjusters, mobile steps, ramps for wheelchairs, baby carriages and luggage as well as battery and unit pull-outs. The high-end products also master heavy-duty applications with ease. This is interesting for new technologies such as hydrogen trains. Hydrogen fuel cells are larger and heavier than conventional battery systems and therefore rely on load-bearing telescopic slides that can withstand the high loads. Nadella 's expertise in the heavy-duty sector pays off here. The company works closely with research institutes, start-ups and future technologies and supplies the appropriate solutions.

Linear and curved guides are also indispensable for vehicle equipment. Rollon's linear systems have excellent self-alignment, hardened and ground guideways and a compact design, making them an ideal solution for lighting systems, interior and exterior doors, sanitary components, entrance systems and much more. The good price-performance ratio, high mechanical robustness and smooth, quiet running combine efficiency, convenience and economy in the best possible way.

Know-how and top-quality service

When it comes to converting rotary motion into linear motion, Shuton-Ipiranga ball screws are the product of choice. They are characterized by maximum accuracy, safety, reliability, quality and innovation and are at home in the most demanding applications, for example in sliding steps, gap bridging, doors and trolleys.

Rail vehicles and their application environment are closely linked to the use of rolling bearings. The areas of application extend far beyond classic wagon and axle construction and include axle box bearings, gearboxes and traction motors, door and locking systems, level control systems, hydraulic brake systems as well as soft positioning systems. Nadella can look back on many years of experience in the production of precision rolling bearings and also has the appropriate production facilities for small, medium and large series and thus the ability to develop and realize customer-specific solutions.

Durbal and Chiavette Unificate are the specialists for rod ends, spherical plain bearings and angular/axial joints in the Rollon family. The mechanical components guarantee the highest quality, reliability and precision for all issues relating to rotary, tilting and swivel movements. Rod ends absorb radial forces in tension and compression and are used at various points in rail vehicles to enable movements between the shaft and housing. Fields of application include switch systems, pantographs, signalling systems, bogies and exits.

Always on the right track

To ensure that the components work reliably throughout their guaranteed service life, the metal parts must be coated with durable anti-corrosion coatings. In fact, the most demanding railroad applications require components that can withstand the industry standard salt spray test to ISO 9227 NSS (neutral salt spray) for up to 500 hours. With RollonAloy, Rollon has a high-performance surface treatment in its range that not only passes this test with ease, but even exceeds it by 44 percent: the Rollon component survived 720 hours without the slightest sign of corrosion. The company also offers surface treatments for a wide range of applications, for example for parts that are moved less frequently or are better shielded against harmful environmental influences.

Reach your destination faster with Rollon

Whether particularly strong, cost-efficient, compact, smooth-running or durable – Rollon's modular range offers maximum flexibility and covers all market requirements and applications in railway technology. Thanks to the combination of technical expertise, market experience and a global sales, manufacturing, support and service network, Rollon and the Timken Group can offer their customers an unparalleled range of services and are ideally equipped to meet the challenges ahead.

"Rail is an important building block for a successful mobility transition worldwide. As a long-standing railway partner and global supplier, we have international application experience, a comprehensive product portfolio and a high level of solution expertise in railroad technology and support the industry with innovative linear drive technology, holistic complete packages and customized, tailor-made concepts. Whatever the customer needs: We have a solution," says Jörg Lillpopp, summing up Rollon's expertise.

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