Linear actuators

Linear technology for electronic applications

Precision, dynamics, reliability and process continuity are top priorities in electronics manufacturing and the semiconductor industry. Rollon, specializing in linear motion systems, meets these demands with an extensive product portfolio, in-depth application knowledge and a high level of solution expertise. The result: innovative, high-performance and reliable linear technology solutions.

Rollon is among the worldwide leading suppliers of complete linear technology solutions, offering one of the most comprehensive assortments of linear guide rails, telescopic rails and linear actuators, with a large selection of models, types and options. Numerous different drive and guidance systems are available for virtually every application in electronics manufacturing and the semiconductor industry, to ensure efficient processes with maximum precision, dynamics and reliability.

Clean Room System ONE: Certified for clean room applications

Specially developed for clean room applications, Rollon offers the Clean Room System ONE. The aluminum and stainless steel actuators are driven by a high-quality polyurethane AT-profile toothed belt and are designed to minimize particle emissions. This is achieved for example by corrosion-resistant materials, guards for the belt and linear guide rail, the use of a 0.8 bar vacuum pump, innovative ball chains that maintain a consistent distance between the carriage balls, as well as special lubricants. Applications include automated lift systems in the wafer fab, transport of FOUPs or wafer boxes in different production levels of a wafer factory, or linear axis systems for robot applications in machining cells with vertical guidance of robots on the linear axis, thus expanding the machining capability due to the 7th axis.

Precision System TH and Speedy Rail: Specially designed for precision and dynamics

In applications requiring maximum precision, for example in assembly systems or tool adjustment, the linear actuators of the Precision System TH series are the optimal choice. The torsionally rigid ball screw drive linear units are incredibly compact and achieve positioning precision of 10 µ and repeatability of ±5 μ, which make them an ideal solution for precision applications with limited installation space. All internal parts are protected against environmental influences by a plastic cover strip. The Speedy Rail, available as a linear guide rail or linear actuator (with a toothed belt or rack) is a self-supporting system with optimal reliability, high dynamics (speeds of up to 15 m/s, acceleration rates up to 10 m/s2), a long life of 80,000 km and a self-aligning function. It is maintenance-free and requires no lubrication. These properties are especially advantageous in component feeding units.

Linear technology solutions for every requirement

The sturdy telescopic rails of the Telescopic Rail and Hegra Rail series are time-proven solutions for the construction of reliable and long-lasting extensions in the clean room. The compact elements with a high load-bearing capacity unite robustness and cost effectiveness. They feature standard extension lengths of up to 200% of the installed length, and are manufactured using special materials such as stainless steel, as well as various coatings and material combinations. The Rollon Curviline and the Nadella Multimotion Line from Rollon offer curved rail systems made of steel or stainless steel for lifting equipment and machine adjustment systems. Options include custom radiuses, curved radiuses, custom machining of inclined inlets, and custom hole patterns. The prismatic linear guide rails and linear tables from Rosa Sistemi feature maximum precision, a high load capacity, smooth operation and minimal wear, with no start-up friction losses. That makes them ideal for adjustment of test and inspection units, as well as positioning of vacuum welders.

A strong partner for electronics manufacturing and the semiconductor industry

Whether for wafer processing, automation of test machines, assembly, or packaging of electronic components: Rollon is familiar with the exact requirements and has a suitable solution for diverse applications. Close cooperation with the customer makes it possible to create economical, flexible and reliable solutions that fully meet the particular specifications.