Servo motors

Meets extreme requirements for performance and dynamics

Meets extreme requirements for performance and dynamics

The AM8300 servo motors expand the Beckhoff portfolio with a modular motor series with integrated water cooling. Due to the efficient cooling, an extremely high power density is achieved, meaning that a nominal power of up to 40 kW can be delivered in the smallest of installation spaces, depending on the size. Compared to comparable convection-cooled motors, the standstill torque increases three times.

The AM8300 series is technologically based on the proven AM8000 series and its advantageous modular system with its large variety of options while maintaining the same availability. The servo motors offer maximum dynamics, as the torque increases with water cooling, but the rotor moment of inertia remains constant. They are particularly suitable in areas of application with higher speed and torque requirements.

Five flange sizes, each with three lengths – with standstill torques from 5.1 to 274 Nm – cover an extremely wide range of applications. The AM8300 servo motors can optionally be equipped with a backlash-free permanent magnet holding brake, shaft seal and keyway. Depending on the size, they are available with various feedback systems, such as: E.g. resolvers or battery-free single and multiturn encoders with One Cable Technology (OCT) or Hiperface.

Thanks to the water cooling and the high protection class IP65, the AM8300 is also suitable for demanding environmental conditions and especially for high ambient temperatures. Depending on the size, the AM8300 is equipped with a 1/8" or 1/4" thread for connecting the cooling circuit.