Offer the highest positioning repeatability

Offer the highest positioning repeatability

Whether for alignment, conveying or for pick-and-place and vertical transport applications: Electric drives are used throughout the industry to move workpieces. In order to ensure the required process reliability, very precise positioning repeatability and a very low backlash are necessary in some cases. To enable users to meet these high requirements even better, SMC has expanded its established LESH series of electric drives with the LESYH series as electric compact slides in a highly rigid design. They impress with a positioning repeatability of ±0.01 mm (±10 μm) thanks to a ball screw, a backlash of max. 0.1 mm and a vertical payload of up to 20 kg. In addition, they have a battery-free absolute encoder that enables fast (re)commissioning.

Transfer applications using electric drives are part of the standard repertoire throughout the industry. If the requirements for precise positioning are particularly high, users must fall back on solutions with very accurate repeatability. With the LESH series from SMC, design engineers already had established drives at their disposal for this purpose - whose performance figures have now been increased again with the LESYH series. The new electric compact slides in a highly rigid design not only have micrometre-precise positioning repeatability, but also very low backlash, can move even higher payloads vertically and, thanks to the battery-free absolute encoder, make reference runs superfluous. The specialist for pneumatic and electric automation thus covers an even wider range of applications.

Precise and powerful

Thanks to the use of a recirculating ball screw for the drive, which can be operated with either a stepper motor or a servo motor (24 VDC each), the LESYH series achieves a repeat accuracy of ±0.01 mm during positioning. This means that it meets particularly high requirements in terms of precision. This is further supported by a maximum backlash of 0.1 mm. Designers thus benefit from improved process reliability in high-precision applications - and this at a max. acceleration of 5000 mm/s2 and a maximum speed of 400 mm/s, which ensures short cycle times.

The LESYH series is optionally available as a design with or without belt. The latter allows the use as a Z-axis for lifting or lowering workpieces. Compared to the previous series, the vertical payload has been significantly increased: from 0.5 to 6 kg (size 8), from 2 to 12 kg (size 16) and from 4 to 20 kg (size 25). If users opt for the motor brake option, they can fall back on a holding force of up to 385 N. All in all, this allows designers to achieve a significantly higher holding force. Overall, designers can thus cover a significantly wider range of applications.

High flexibility, compatibility and productivity

With the LESYH series, motor mounting is possible in three directions: axial, right or left parallel. In the stepper motor version, the controllers of the JXC series provide control of the drives via various fieldbus systems (Profinet, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP) or other control systems such as IO-Link as well as parallel inputs - in the case of AC servo motors, these are the controllers of the LECN-T series. As an extension of the LESH series established on the market, it can also be easily integrated. In addition, motors (motor power 100/200 W) from 18 manufacturers can be used in the motorless version. Together, this gives users a high degree of flexibility in machine design.  

In addition to its convincing performance figures, the LESYH series has a battery-free absolute encoder that stores the last position of the drive in the event of a power failure or emergency stop, for example. This means that operation can be resumed immediately without a time-consuming reference run, which means more productivity. In addition, not only the storage and maintenance effort is reduced, but also the ecological footprint, as no battery is required, which thus does not have to be stored or maintained, nor does it have to be disposed of. In order to reliably detect end positions and intermediate positions, the LESYH series can optionally be equipped with an electronic signal transmitter of the D-M9 series from SMC. This has a 2-colour display, which makes the optimum operating range (green) immediately visible.