Frequency converters

One solutions for several spindles

One solutions for several spindles

The universally applicable SFU0303 is the most powerful frequency converter from BMR and has been specially designed for use in modern machining centers. Depending on the configuration, spindles in the power range from 40VA to 3.6kVA can be driven with high efficiency. A wide speed range from 1,000 to 240,000 rpm is also available.

The sophisticated and highly developed control process is the key to controlling the spindle in all speed and load ranges. High torques can be achieved on the spindle even at the lowest speeds. The regulation can be set in such a way that the spindle remains cool when idling and still allows powerful feed during load jumps. A 28.5 kHz PWM of the output voltage, which characterizes all of the company's inverters, leads to optimum control with minimal losses and minimal heat generation in the spindle. This prevents uncontrolled growth in the length of the rotor, which would significantly reduce precision during machining. By reducing spindle heating, the production quality can be significantly improved, the spindle bearings can be protected and the service life increased due to the lower heat.

The special feature of the SFU0303: A regulated DC link voltage ensures that the exact voltage required for the power or speed that is needed is always provided in all power ranges. As a result, the motors operate efficiently and without loss even in the partial load range without an additional external sine filter. The device is also suitable for driving low-voltage spindles without external chokes. In a machining center, it is therefore possible to control all spindles with a single inverter.

This saves costs and maintenance effort, as well as machine downtime.