Optimized space requirements

Optimized space requirements

For the general transfer of workpieces, but also for special tasks such as press-fit applications or precise workpiece positioning, engineers throughout the industry rely on electric drives. When space is particularly tight or compact machine designs are being developed, electric drives must have a correspondingly space-saving design. For this purpose, SMC has now extended its proven LEF (electric spindle drive) and LEY (electric cylinder) series by size 16 in each case. Engineers continue to benefit from the many advantages such as shock absorbers, two drive options as well as optional IP67 protection and high precision. In addition, in both cases a battery-free absolute encoder ensures fast (re)commissioning without time-consuming reference travel.

From the automotive, electrical and semiconductor industries to the food and beverage sector and general automation, electric drives have become indispensable in a wide range of transfer and positioning applications. In this context, design engineers are often confronted with the challenge of finding solutions for tight spaces or developing compact machine designs. To better meet such requirements, SMC has now added size 16 to its industry-proven and established LEY series electric cylinders and LEF series electric screw actuators. Thus, in addition to their already extensive features, users benefit from additionally optimized space requirements in applications with low payloads and can once again restart production after a sudden stop from the current position thanks to battery-free absolute encoders.

For high precision - LEF#16E

In the LEF#16 series E-drives equipped with either belt drive (LEFB16E) or ball screw drive (LEFS16E), the motor can also be installed straight or parallel on the right or left. Strokes between 50 and 500 mm and stroke ranges (axial or parallel) between 500 and 1200 mm are possible in steps of 50 mm each. Speeds between 10 and 700 mm/s are available with a horizontal payload of 14 kg or a vertical payload of 2 kg - with a horizontal payload of 15 kg or a vertical payload of 4 kg, speeds range from 5 to 360 mm/s. The max. acceleration/deceleration is 3000 mm/s2 in each case. As with the previously available installation sizes 25, 32 and 40, the new size 16 also has shock absorbers that ensure smooth transport of workpieces at high speeds.

The high positioning repeatability is already ±0.02 mm in the basic version - in the precision version, this reaches ±0.015 mm (with pitch ±0.02 mm). The backlash is also impressive with max. 0.1 mm (basic version) and max. 0.05 mm (precision version). This means that even high-precision applications can be reliably implemented. As the main housing can be installed without removing the outer cover, users also benefit from reduced assembly time. The 11-LEF and 25A-LEF series are also available for special applications in clean or dry rooms, for example in battery production. 

Particularly safe - LEY16E

Even in size 16, the electric cylinder with ball screw drive can be operated with either a stepper or servo motor (24 VDC each). This can be installed either parallel at the top or axially - for the latter installation position, the options left, right, top or bottom are available for the orientation of the motor housing. With a positioning repeatability of ±0.02 mm and a backlash of max. 0.1 mm, the LEY16E series also meets high demands in terms of precision.

For a horizontal payload of 6, 17 or 30 kg as well as for a vertical payload of 2, 4 or 8 kg, the maximum acceleration/deceleration is 3000 mm/s2 - for a horizontal payload of 10, 23 or 35 kg it is max. 2000 mm/s2.

In terms of usable strokes, users can choose between 30, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 mm. As was already the case with the 25, 32 and 40 installation sizes, the optional motor brake on size 16 also ensures increased operator safety. Process reliability, even in harsh environments, is also guaranteed by the IP65 (LEY16-X7) and IP67 (LEY16-X8) versions. This means that vertical and horizontal applications can also be implemented in environments where there is a risk of dust or water jets. In addition, the special design also reduces maintenance requirements.

Quick restart

Both the electric cylinder and the electric spindle drive are equipped with a battery-free absolute encoder in the newly added size 16. This stores the current position in the event of a power failure or emergency stop, eliminating the need for a time-consuming reference run when operation is resumed. In addition, the elimination of a battery not only reduces storage and maintenance requirements, but also the burden on the environment. A clear win in terms of costs and sustainability.